The Storage Vault

Hello everyone!

The Darkout Dev team just wanted to take a moment to show off one of the new objects recently added to Darkout – this Storage Vault is certainly something we’ve heard players asking about and we’re happy to have had the opportunity to design and add it to the game.

We have a few other neat additions that are in test-phases right now and when they’re ready we’ll be posting details about them here and on the forums.

As always – we love to hear feedback from players, so head over to our forums if you have suggestions or just want to chat with other players and the Dev team.

See the Storage Vault:

Storage Vault


All the best and we hope you’re all having a great month!

- The Darkout Dev Team

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Fan Art Friday: The Comic Finale

It’s been quite a ride but alas we’ve reached the end of Adrian’s Darkout-inspired comic. We’ve really enjoyed reading them and hope the community has as well. Everyone from the Darkout Dev Team wants to reach out and offer our thanks for taking the time to prepare and send this fun comic┬áto us – we certainly hope to see more from Adrian in the future.

For those who missed the earlier pages we’re working on an area to place them on the website – and we want to remind all of you out there that we if you want us to see something you’ve created that was inspired by Darkout to please send it along to us! We love player generated content – from base screenshots to ideas posted on our forums.

Here we go:

Darkout Fan Comic Page 7


Fan Art Final Page


All the best and have a great weekend everyone!

- The Darkout Dev Team

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Darkout Player Bases

We’re pleased today to share some of the impressive creations players have made in Darkout. If you have something cool you’d like us to see – send it in!

Terex’s Base

Vincent’s Base

by Tsaikoh called “Downtown”

Pingo El Pollo Base


The above account for only a small portion of what we’ve been seeing – head over to the forums for more player-creations as well as other fantastic submissions – we’re looking forward to posting more as we receive them. Have a great week!

- The Darkout Dev Team

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Fan Art Friday

Good Afternoon Everyone!

We’re counting down the last 3 pages left in Adrian’s comic, hope you have enjoyed it! We certainly have.

Darkout Fan Comic Page 6


Have a great weekend!

- The Darkout Dev Team

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Recent Darkout Patch Information

We realize that some of you may have been missing out on the details about the patches we’ve been releasing and wanted to post a link to our forums where we have a list of all the details related to upcoming and released patches:


We hope this clarifies some of the work that we have been doing over the last few months.

All the best!

- The Darkout Dev Team


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