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Fan Art Friday

Good Afternoon Everyone!

We’re counting down the last 3 pages left in Adrian’s comic, hope you have enjoyed it! We certainly have.

Darkout Fan Comic Page 6


Have a great weekend!

- The Darkout Dev Team

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Recent Darkout Patch Information

We realize that some of you may have been missing out on the details about the patches we’ve been releasing so we’ve decided to post the last few, along with the details on the front page (and will continue to post them here in the future).

Be sure to check out the forum for information regarding pre-release notes on patches we’re working on.

Patch 1.2.9

Game Easy Mode
- Day/Night = 35% / 65%
- Health + 50%
- Fall without injury distance + 30%
- Oxygen capacity + 20%
- Energy usage – 20%
- Weapon damage + 20%
- Harvest drops + 50%
- Mining drops + 50%
- Random item drop chance + 10%`
- Chests and crate drop items + 1

- Do not drop suits or equipment on death.

- Escape pod inventory different – will still be finalized – for now just increased bullets and torches
- Drops when harvest pod + 20%

Story quest line
- better detect if distress beacon placed so cubes do not decode as corrupted.

- more tweaks to stop killer elevator


Hotfix 14/07/2014

- Fixed releasing of Easy mode crafting blueprints

Patch 1.2.8

Crafting and Research
- Fixed so new Copper Ore and Iron Ore from Dirt blueprints gets added for old players.
- Fixed to make sure empty fuel can gets returned when using fuel in crafting or research.
- Part selection popup is now only used for color selection.
- When Color Selection Menu is open, the Item Tooltip window will not show.

- Fixed some issues where you fall through the elevator.
- Fixed bug where you sometimes get stuck in jump animation when you land on the elevator.

Elevator rails
- Fixed rails to be correct design size, can now be placed in 3 blocks wide shaft.

NOTE - Currently placed rails can still be used without a problem but you will not be able to extend the track as the rails will not align. If you do not want to pickup and place rails again, you can always build a transfer station and place another elevator on the new rail.

Journal -
- changed elevator size.
- fixed some spelling errors (coppper > copper, pannel > panel).

- Fixed problem with recycling placeable items.
- Added missing description for new Magnesium recipe.
- Fixed open & close button for info window not staying with the window when you have a wide screen resolution.
- Fixed bug where units left on an item was reset to max when moving with Shift+click.

- You no longer have to remove a keybind before you can assign it to another action. The old bind will now be cleared automatically, but if it was on a first bind, you will have to assign another key bind to the action, before you can leave the menu.

Patch 1.2.7

New Blueprints
- copper ore from dirt
- iron ore from dirt
- coal from logs
- platinum ore from stone
- platinum bar from platinum ore
- magnesium from stone
- fuel can

Changed blueprints
- fuel now also need a fuel can
- get 4 sulphur from 1 tar

- Harvest spore from trees in outlands (same as fire flies)
- can place spore jars

- when using fuel will get empty fuel can back

- regrow like plants

Gas plant
- when all gas collected will start producing gas again after 3 game days

- moved a couple of logs to improve story flow
- now 90% a datamodule or datacube will drop when needed to continue quest, if source can drop it.

- only drop when you need them for a quest

- added note if item can be recycled

- added empty battery
- added suits

- fit better on-screen
- stop footsteps sound when falling
- fixed “You looted your first #1″
- when you add fuel to tank you will get fuel can back
- when add lightGoo to tank you will get jar back, also when used in crafting

- Fix to where system allowed research points to go into negative

- speed increased x3
- can call even when not in a loaded sector
- can run past below without colliding with elevator
- can jump / fly up to elevator from directly below and will not collide with elevator
- fix bug where elevator did not stop when it hit an obstruction

Player energy system
- Booster boots do not use energy anymore
- fixed bug where energy usage increased as game progressed. Usage now update correctly as you equip/un equip/use items

Hope everyone has been having a fantastic week!

- The Darkout Dev Team

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Fan Art Friday

It’s that time of the week again!

We’re nearing the end of Adrian’s excellent homage to the Darkout universe – check it out below and if you’ve missed the first 4 be sure to look through our earlier posts.

Darkout Fan Comic Page 5


Have a fantastic weekend everyone! We’re looking forward to posting some more information about upcoming game content shortly!

- The Darkout Dev Team

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Fan Art Friday

Hello all!

Happy 4th of July to our American players!

It’s that time of the week again, and we’re pushing forward on Adrian’s Fan Art Comic. See below the next in the series as we get closer and closer the conclusion!

We are going to be posting a special update within the next week, so be sure to check back – we’re pretty excited about it!

Fan Art Comic Page 4

As always, if you have any art work, music, stories, that you’ve written that are inspired by Darkout don’t hesitate in sending them our way!

Have a great weekend!

- The Darkout Dev Team

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