Update on Developments

Update on Developments

State of the Game:

We’ve been pretty busy over the last few months and in that time I’ve seen a few posts asking on progress and new players asking on the current state of the game, etc. So I thought I would just take some time out and update everyone on where we are and what is happening with Darkout. This will include: where it will go, and when. If you don’t feel like reading everything there is a brief summarized version at the bottom.

As most of you know we had a pretty rocky release on Steam but we got most of those issues sorted out within the first couple weeks. We changed the interface a little and tweaked some stuff that was bugging players in general. That was Stage One.

Since Stage One’s release we have added and changed a ton of content which you can see in the patch notes on either:

If we hadn’t decided to move the game to Unity then every subsequent stage would have seen a complete corruption of current player worlds due to how the code was implemented in Torque.

Stage Two:

The game is basically there, there are only a few things we still wanted to add before going to Stage 2, beyond what was added in the patches since launch. What are they you may ask? Well…

  • An extra Biome (We’re limited by current code set which would corrupt all player worlds)
  • Next chapter in the story (Biome dependant)
  • New enemy (Requires new Biome)

Hard Times:

Yes, we have been hit with some hard times, and even though we have earned a ridiculously low amount of income from this for the efforts we put in, we’ve persevered for more than a year after launch of stage One.

We need every cent to keep working, but unfortunately most purchases have come in while the game has been on sale, which unfortunately keeps the funds down to a trickle. Don’t get me wrong, we’re extremely grateful to everyone that have supported us this far but unfortunately ‘sales only’ can’t fund any game’s development.


There have been suggestions on multiple occasions that we should start a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to finish the project, and we’ve actually thought about doing something like that for a long time. What holds us back is the fact that we don’t want to just ask for more money for Darkout, which you already own and paid for, and we don’t have any marketing budget at all to help spread the word beyond our current fanbase. We know some of you would not hesitate to help out, and that thought alone reminds us why we started Darkout in the first place. It was never about making a lot of money, rather, it was an effort to bring a game we are fiercely passionate about to a wide audience, improving and refining it along the way.

We had to think about this problem for a while and have come up with a few solutions, one or two of which that make sense and we plan on executing.

Step 1)
Stages 2-4 will be paid DLC.

Initially we had planned to increase the games price with each new stage, with those who bought in early getting them for free, however now we have decided that with the requirement for more funds to complete the game we will need to release Stages Two – Four as paid DLC. Obviously, Stage Two will include the full Unity port of the game and then Staged Three – Four will expand and complete the story mode of the game.

Step 2)
Something New

We’ve been faced with dwindling man power and a very extended development cycle on Darkout’s Unity port. This has been alongside the process of updating the original Torque version of the game over the last 13 months, which, we know is a requirement but if we’re honest it’s also a bit of a backpedal. Faced with the fact that we have been receiving most of our funding through the severely discounted sales periods and bundles we took a step back and thought about how we could generate more funds to eventually finish Darkout and not disband before that.

Solution =
New game with short development cycle!

So, for the last few months we’ve brainstormed over some ideas and formulated ways to pull them off with the limited team and resources we have, and we started working on a new project currently codenamed: ‘Darklings’, official name TBA.

The game is set in the Darkout universe, but with completely different gameplay. It is still a 2D game but this time we are telling things from the side of the Shadow Creatures. We’ll reveal more about Project Darklings as development progresses. We are leveraging many existing assets in order to do this, ensuring we do not disrupt the necessary changes for Darkout and the best part: we’re building it using Unity!

Here are a few screenshots:




We know that those of you who have stuck with us this long really believe in Darkout and what we still want to do with it,and we are hoping that we can count on your support in order for us to deliver the game as we have always envisioned it to be.

We aim to be more open with development starting with this press release, as well as posting more frequent weekly updates on our web and social media sites. Previously, our quiet has been a reflection of putting our effort towards finding real-world solutions to our complex situation and while this may not be the best answer, it’s the most honest one.

We don’t have the resources to put into a Kickstarter via marketing funds, ad placement, etc, and will be creating a donation link with a counter on our main website for anyone who wishes to support us early and get the game and future DLC at significantly reduced price.

Thank you for your time and we greatly appreciate your continued support and patience.




We’re still making changes to Darkout and our recent radio silence has been a result of investigating funding options to get there. We’ve decided that the best course of action is to create a companion game, currently codenamed: Darklings.

This will be a game where you take control of the Shadow Creatures from Darkout. It will require a much shorter production cycle and we will be building it using Unity to improve the distribution.

Funding received through the sales of this new game will help us finish Darkout. However, we’ve decided that regardless of this that Phase Two through Four will be paid DLC.

We’re incredibly grateful to all the fans that have stuck with us over the years. Thank you for your support and know that we’re doing our best to get you the game you deserve. There will be a donation button on the website soon if you want to contribute to the cause and receive early-access to the new game.

Update on Developments was originally published on Allgraf Studios

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Help us test Patch 1.3 in Open Beta!

Help us test Patch 1.3 in Open Beta!

Hello everyone!

The testing phase is almost over on the latest patch but we need your help to make sure it is as solid as possible. Due to our limited resources we thought what better way to get the patch tested than in an open beta on Steam.

If you would like to get access to the latest content and don’t mind reporting any bugs and balancing issues found then simply follow the steps below and you will have instant access to patch 1.3 Beta.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make a backup of any and all Character and World files before applying the patch below as any corruptions cause due to unforeseen bugs may well be irreversible.

1. Launch Steam
2. Navigate to your Games Library
3. Right-Click on Darkout and select Properties
4. Select the BETA Tab
5. In the drop down list select patch_open_beta
6. Wait for it to update and you will be ready to play!

We’ve created a category to report bugs for the patch beta on our forums and on Steam. Please use them in order for us to keep the current public version and the beta version reports in order and things will progress much smoother with fixing them :)

Darkout Forums:

And now on to the patch!

New Content!

You read that right! We’re very excited to announce the upcoming arrival of the newest and perhaps the most game changing patch in Darkout history!

Check out the details and images below (we aren’t including everything, because… well… sometimes it’s fun to find new content on your own, isn’t it?):

1. New Content:

– Storage Vault, holds 100 items

– New item and blueprint
– With GPS in inventory press “G” to get current position.
– Equip the GPS to get continuous position updates.

– place beacon and add description to mark a location or resource.
– Description in new PDM tab with Teleporters.
– Beacons within a certain range are marked on the radar.

– You can now place Teleporters
– Player invulnerable while still invisible during teleporting.
– There is a minimum and maximum range for teleporting.
– You have to wait 2min before you can teleport again.
– Teleporter uses Player energy during teleportation

– Turrets to defend your base
– Sign on turret if out of ammo
– Turrets use bullets or laser modules
– When destroyed drop any ammo still in magazine

– Attack lights and turrets
– Target search sequence – Turret, Player, Lights
– 20% chance enemy killed by turret will drop loot

(in future this will be expanded to enemies attacking blocks and other devices)

– Arrow drops to ground when it reaches range limit.
– Added Health Points for all Lights.
– New PDM tab – Radar shows Teleporters & Beacons close to the player position. Also lists all placed Teleporters and Beacons, left click on name in list to edit description.

2. Current Content

General fixes and tweaks
– Mining drop increase not applied to placed tiles.
– Quest – If tech level too low for next log will now display hint.
– Fixed a problem that may cause crashes when you kill an enemy.
– Check when craft item for the first time if it is a group item.

– Increased the range combinator will search containers for parts needed for crafting or research
– Changed some stack quantities to be multiples of craft quantity
– Added Tier level separator in the Research menu
– Fix to show quantity select in multiples of the craft quantities in the Crafting menu

Camps and Chests
– Placement rework – make containers more visible with lights and also remove the shrubs around it.

Relic gates
– Check all inventory slots to get total for item in inventory, and go thru all stacks to update total used.
– When purifying a gate, enemies spawn thru gate and not all over anymore

Big lab cabinet
– Increased size in world
– Increased inventory size to 30.
– You will have to research the new cabinet before you can craft it.

NOTE: When you pick up any existing Big Lab Cabinets they will convert to the new size when you place them again.

– cleaned up data errors caused by old bugs.
– Added icon for graves under Player
– Added count for Relic gates found and purified under Player list

We look forward to hearing back from those who opt in and help test the beta, with your help we hope to make sure we deliver as stable a patch as possible.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support!

Team Darkout

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The Storage Vault

Hello everyone!

The Darkout Dev team just wanted to take a moment to show off one of the new objects recently added to Darkout – this Storage Vault is certainly something we’ve heard players asking about and we’re happy to have had the opportunity to design and add it to the game.

We have a few other neat additions that are in test-phases right now and when they’re ready we’ll be posting details about them here and on the forums.

As always – we love to hear feedback from players, so head over to our forums if you have suggestions or just want to chat with other players and the Dev team.

See the Storage Vault:

Storage Vault


All the best and we hope you’re all having a great month!

– The Darkout Dev Team

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Fan Art Friday: The Comic Finale

It’s been quite a ride but alas we’ve reached the end of Adrian’s Darkout-inspired comic. We’ve really enjoyed reading them and hope the community has as well. Everyone from the Darkout Dev Team wants to reach out and offer our thanks for taking the time to prepare and send this fun comic to us – we certainly hope to see more from Adrian in the future.

For those who missed the earlier pages we’re working on an area to place them on the website – and we want to remind all of you out there that we if you want us to see something you’ve created that was inspired by Darkout to please send it along to us! We love player generated content – from base screenshots to ideas posted on our forums.

Here we go:

Darkout Fan Comic Page 7


Fan Art Final Page


All the best and have a great weekend everyone!

– The Darkout Dev Team

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Darkout Player Bases

We’re pleased today to share some of the impressive creations players have made in Darkout. If you have something cool you’d like us to see – send it in!

Terex’s Base

Vincent’s Base

by Tsaikoh called “Downtown”

Pingo El Pollo Base


The above account for only a small portion of what we’ve been seeing – head over to the forums for more player-creations as well as other fantastic submissions – we’re looking forward to posting more as we receive them. Have a great week!

– The Darkout Dev Team

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