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The grand design

The grand design

We’re sure a few of you may have guessed by now what we are creating, but other than the few details online we haven’t revealed much about the concept behind Darkout.

If you’re like us then you have probably lost many hours of your life playing either Minecraft or Terraria, and wished there were more games like it.

Now we know there are many ‘clones’ out there, but what we wanted to do (before Starbound was conceptualized) was take the genre into the future and add a very definitive look and feeling to the world itself. This brought me back to an idea I had early on of creating a game where shadow and light play an integral part in your odds of survival.

A few games have explored this concept in various forms like Limbo and Alan Wake, but we didn’t want to just copy the experience in those titles, we wanted to have a large, dangerous world to explore and survive in. Combining this concept with basic elements of, platforming, strategy, combat and horror into an open world sandbox game, the idea for Darkout took shape.

You’ll be able to scavenge for resources all around you, plants, rubble, or mine whatever else you need. The enemies will drop some items you need for creating more advanced technological items and through some research you will enhance and strengthen your arsenal.

Your base will function not only as a place to store items and stand against the night, but also serve as the core of your energy supply, resource gathering tools and workshop/laboratory.

Hopefully we are able to deliver this in a well-balanced game that is as fun to play as all the other sand box games out there, but with its own unique twists and style to set it apart from the rest.

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