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Teaser Trailer Released!

Teaser Trailer Released!

Here we go!

The first teaser trailer showing off some of the environment in Darkout is finally here! It shows off some of the jungle and underground with our real time shadows system seen when using the flashlight. We also show brief glimpses of the sky environment in the clouds and the Outlands.

Upon closer inspection you may notice that for lights to power up they need to be connected to a power source via wires which also counts for all kinds of technical equipment.


Please bear in mind that this is just a pre-alpha trailer and that none of the gameplay features are complete yet. We also don’t have any FX like sword slashes, smoke puffs, jet trails, etc. but we are working hard on getting all of that ready for the final trailer before release.

Other than that, Enjoy!
Team Darkout


  1. J says

    Hey, nice game and concept. IF you need some support or help, it would be a pleasure providing it as a game designer.
    Best and good luck, mates! :D

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