ALPHA! woooohoooooo!

ALPHA! woooohoooooo!


(really? I can’t believe it!)

Wow it’s been an enormous task getting this game into alpha state. The team has been working all hours of the night, and though we still have many bugs, some temp graphics, and loads of balancing to do, we’re finally there!

What’s Alpha you say?

Well we are now in feature lockdown, and content polishing stage. This means we will now only be working on the features that will go into the initial release of the game, and the rest that have been designated as patch 1 have been identified and left on the plate for later. It was a tough call to make, naturally we want as much as possible in the launch version, but we also know that everyone will enjoy the content we have planned for the patches after release as well.

In the pure essence of things, this is an alpha within an alpha, as we are following the early release model, and openly stating that Darkout will have at least 3 patches after the initial release. All 3 will expand upon the game, the tools, weapons, enemies, etc. basically the whole shebang. All of this will be included in your initial purchase price!

On the way to Beta

So now what? Well we will be working as hard as we can to get this baby tweaked as much as possible, before opening the doors to some of those eager to participate in the early beta release. The Beta release on the website will naturally have many bugs to work out, but the core experience of the game will be in there. The other bugs will be of the chase you around in the dark kind J

We ask only for your support in helping us make Darkout the full expansive game we have planned by participating in the early beta and know we have many future plans that will make participation in Darkout’s beta purchase rewarding for everyone involved.

Early Beta details will be revealed soon!


As many of you know we are going to release Darkout on Steam (+others) and will begin our submission on their new community driven initiative some time in the month of September! If you don’t know anything about the new Steam Greenlight submission process I urge you to go read the link below, we will need everyone’s support!

Anyway that’s it for now and we leave you with some fresh new screenshots and a render for fun of our big boss, the Brute! :)

Thanks to everyone for their amazing support thus far!

Team Darkout

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