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Darkout Beta Date Revealed!

Darkout Beta Date Revealed!

Beta is coming!

Want to know the date for beta? :) Here it is!

Beta release date: 10-10-2012

We will release the first beta build to everyone who has pre purchased and bought Beta access, so  if you haven’t already don’t forget to go to Indiegogo and purchase your beta access.

We hope that you are just as excited as we are, but not nearly as nervous! The team is working hard and although it will by no means be a finished product and many features will still require fine tuning the core game experience will be there for you to enjoy, and report bugs on :)

Here at Indiegogo you can pre-order your copy of Darkout for $12 (10euros). Remember all the future expansions of the game will be included:

Don’t forget to register on our forums!

Team Darkout


  1. Epacsten says

    I am so excite!

  2. Lazaek says

    Will this be a midnight release?

  3. says

    I hope buy this game soon ^^. if I buy it, I record for my youtube subs and my spanish community. Notice tomorrow ^^.

    Good job

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