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Beta Postponed…

Beta Postponed…

Hi Everyone,

The team has been working really hard on the beta but we still have a few minor things to finish off, which are part of the core gameplay experience, that are going to take just a few days longer than planned before we can go on to Beta. Unfortunately this is part of the price we pay for having some team members with full time jobs that sometimes require them to work on other deadlines as well instead of just Darkout.

But, we won’t take that much longer releasing the Beta next week no later than Friday the 19th, but it could be earlier, which we will announce the day before it goes live. Until then all perk upgrades we have offered will still be in effect until the beta goes live, so if you missed them, now’s your chance to grab some of the perks for a very good price on Indiegogo.

We’d like to thank everyone who have been supporting us this far, we really appreciate it!

Adrian, Team Darkout.


  1. SartorZ says

    Im glad because this demonstrate that you are a serious company that want polished released products. I will wait some more time.. but not too much! :D

  2. VODA says

    I think they do not make it. The will miss out date…
    But never mind, I will calmly wait for next month. :)

    • VODA says

      Correction: They will miss out date…

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