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Darkout Personnel Archives

Darkout Personnel Archives


We added a new community driven perk on for all those who’d like to have their name in the game, or just simply love writing.

Perk: Darkout personnel archives

We want you to participate in our game by creating a short story about your characters history before they went into stasis on the spaceship. We will use your name for the character and help you fit the story to the Darkout universe. The stories will be hidden throughout the world as Easter eggs all over the game world, so you the players will have to explore and collect them to win one of the hardest achievements in the game!


So what does this all mean really?

We want to compile a comprehensive and totally fan drive backstory to Darkout, spawned from the basic framework we created so far. With your help we can expand on the history of the universe in Darkout, and you can get your name in the game as a little Easter egg that players will hunt for to unlock a cool bonus item/event later in the game :)

We will contact everyone who purchased this perk, or perks above, and help to make sure that the stories fit with the universe. Our writer is also starting on a example story that will go online in a week or so to give everyone who wants to participate an idea of what these stories could look, feel like.

The deadline for these stories is to be submitted by the end of the Indiegogo campaign and will go into the game in the first major content patch. So get those creative juices flowing and put yourself in the world of Darkout!

Have fun and plege for ““!

Team Darkout

PS: did we mention that some of these will be recorded by professional voice actors and placed online later!? :)


  1. Sahulinek says

    Hi team! I hope this is strange silence before “storm”. I am shaking because today is the day you promised we become info about progress :) .

    • darkout says

      It is, it is :)

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