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Darkout Personnel Archives

Darkout Personnel Archives

Remember that post we had about people being able to contribute to the history of Darkout via short log files? Well we did promise an example for everyone and our writer just came up with this for you guys :)


11:38, 29-09-3016

We’re in the orbit ship now. After a lot of pushing and shoving through endless corridors we found our little cabin. I guess it’s about seven feet deep and four wide max. Everything folds into the wall; the bunk bed, a chair and a little closet. We just threw everything in the corner. We haven’t unpacked yet. J’rhon had to lie down out of sheer exhaustion. He’s sleeping now. I have no idea where Ecki is, at the space port they said all the pets were taken to a different quarantine ship. Gods, I’m sure she’s scared out of her mind. She already gets all hyper when we go to the vet and now she’s in space!

17:05, 4-10-3016

We had another physical exam today. We told them we had one before we got on board, as we all did. But they said that test was incomplete and that they’re testing for different things now. It was so weird. They kept turning the lights off and on and than they flashed some really bright light in my face. I told them I wasn’t an epileptic, but they just went on. I got really angry and pounded on the door. But they didn’t reply. After a while it stopped. And they let me out. I’ve conducted my fair share of tests in the hospital, but nothing like this.

I asked the lady behind the desk on our level about Ecki, but she knew nothing. I asked her about the situation down on the planet. Again, zero info. I wonder when we’re allowed to go back. People are coming up with the strangest reasons here. I think there might better be an official notice soon or people will go crazy.

12:05, 12-10-3016

Aliens. That’s the official explanation! They broadcasted it today on the screens. Apparently the planet was hit by a small comet that carried some dangerous airborne germ and that’s why we had to be evacuated. J’rhon is skeptical and says that there’s no reason to evacuate entire continents for this. He should know what he’s talking about, he’s a biologist for crying out loud! I don’t know what to believe anymore. Some people on the wing cry bullshit. Like my next door neighbor, he says it didn’t come from space at all, but that it was a chemical weapon experiment gone wrong. I guess this is the first time that conspiracy nuts don’t believe in aliens.

21:19, 14-10-3016

Still no sign of when we can get to the surface. If ever. The toilets are beyond disgusting. They even started rationing the food! People are complaining and asking to go down. I understand I guess. It does feel like being a hostage. But if we’re to believe the screens it’s really dangerous out there now. The last people who came up here told it was pandemonium down there. Then again, the atmosphere in here is turning ugly as well.

09:54, 22-10-3016

They’re putting us in stasis! They say that food has run out and that there’s not enough oxygen to go around. But I really don’t want to go! I don’t care if they say it’s only for two weeks tops. I don’t want to be at the mercy of whatever authority is running this fucking show. If any. I can hear people screaming from here. I’m shaking and I don’t even know if it’s because I’m angry or scared. Probably both.

14:25, 25-10-3016

J’rhon held me as they forcibly ‘removed’ our neighbor from his little cabin. They knocked him out cold and dragged him away. It was horrible. He is a pediatrician for god’s sake! I know they’re coming for us now. They’re just cleaning out this corridor. I don’t know when we’re going to wake up. Maybe never. I’m so scared right now.

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