From Indiegogo to Desura and onwards!

From Indiegogo to Desura and onwards!

Hi Everyone!

Wow, what can we say!?

We want to express our thanks to everyone who supported us on Indiegogo and purchased the game early! You were the very first to tackle the game in its early Beta stages and have really helped us with all the feedback and support.

The game has really been coming along nicely and we know that without your support we would not be in the shape we are right now. Thanks to this we were able to get the game in a state that we are now in Beta on Desura!

It’s the first steps to being released on all the major digital distribution sites, with GamersGate soon to follow. Hopefully with your support and all newly joined Beta testers we can get our Greenlight campaign back up to speed and release Darkout on Steam as well.

We are aiming to submit the game worldwide to all the major distribution sites within the next few weeks and with your continued support our impending release and all future content patches will be met with great success.

We really hope that you see our dedication to this game and that we will polish and update all the way through the games lifespan, keeping it alive as long as the community would have it.

So with excitement, and a few nervous twitches, we are now opening the Beta feedback section on teh forum to all registered users! (Please refrain from posting any links to instillation/updater files on the site)

From this point on you can access your Player account via the link on the forums, website and the updater that comes with the game. You can download your installer from there, and as we release the digital perks (Soundtrack, Art Book, etc.) you can download those as well.

We are always available for feedback and any account issues at: accounts-(at)

For those who have not activated their accounts yet, You can re-claim a new password by heading to the accounts page now linked at the top of our website and forums:

Everyone who has activated their Beta account, you can now login to your accounts on our Darkout website () and access the Album perk as the first one released.

We are working hard on getting all the perks in order, and will release a schedule shortly of when and how perks will be distributed.

Be sure to check our website for all the latest updates!

Team Darkout

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