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Darkout gets released!

Darkout gets released!

As some of you may have noticed, Darkout is now out everywhere in its initial release state!

(Steam pending Greenlight)

We’ve been working on Darkout for 18 months, with a beta during the last 3. There are still many things to tweak but Darkout is now available for mass purchase on every site you can think of, besides Steam, though we’re working on that one!

This is all part of the staged release schedule we have mentioned throughout our development. Beta, Initial Release and major content updates afterwards. Bugs will be something we tackle constantly just as we have been since Beta went live.


Just briefly we’d like to cover this release, plans for game improvements, and answer various other questions you may have.

1. Initial release state

We now have the Base level complete in which you can mine, gather, craft, research, and create a ton of gear. Enemies are all around to kill or avoid, the game environment is big and chock full of resources etc. and there are abandoned camps sites, and rare crashed pods to find all with random loot for the taking.

The goal of this state was to have a version where you can explore a small, medium or large world, start gathering resources and building up a base and tech that will help you survive as the world around you starts noticing that you are there to stay, and it does not want you there.

Do we still have some bugs? We have been openly and honestly addressing bugs very quickly for 3 months now, the feeling that we gather from the community at large is that you appreciate the fast response, the quick updates, and that we do listen to the requests put forward for small improvements etc. The HUD for instance, well we thought it would function for first pass, but clearly it was causing frustrations, so we replaced it and added a bunch of features which was not planned for this initial release state. Darkout is all the better for it even with a lot of sleepless nights. :P


2. From this point forward

We have a lot more features and content planned for Darkout. This is just the Initial release which is the first part in a long line of staged patches, 1.0.0 was where we had the basic gameplay and features in and now we will be expanding with more content, extra suits, enemies etc.

We are expanding and adding to the game to improve combat, add bosses, enemies, Biomes, weapons, multiplayer, a male character, more powerful suits, teleportes, unique treasures, forms of transport, implement the back story, preparing scenarios for the future end game and TONS of other stuff.


3. Planned Content patch 1.5

  • The very next thing we are working on now is multiplayer. This will also spawn HUGE worlds, and a few modes you and your friends can choose to play. Be it defend your base, capture the others Combinator or survival modes.
  • Male character with all current suits will be added and another tech level containing a new set of armour
  • Remote, with which you can set traps like triggered grenades, trap doors, trigger floods, lava flows, etc. the possibilities of this system are endless. Bunker yourself in, and surround yourself with a dungeon of traps no one can penetrate or create a room that you can turn completely dark, trap shadow creatures and then flip on the lights and turrets and kill them all.
  • Turrets for base defence and mountable on your sled
  • Achievements and also implement a backstory/history for the world of Darkout via Data Relics you uncover in camp sites, crashed pods etc. these will also contain blueprints unlocking new items to craft, and other gear.
  • Expand on the crafting and usage of crystals in suits. Not only will they grant you a different colour light, but the crystal can add an extra ability to a suit piece.
  • And various other bits we’re working on


4. Brief of content patches after

We also have planned

  • Vehicles / Mech
  • More Biomes (swamp, beach, mutated jungle, new look and dangers in the sky islands, etc.)
  • Collapsing mine shafts, old mine shafts, derelict subways and a cloud city / floating fortress
  • Extra enemies & Bosses
  • Underground bunker with derelict tech and evolved/mutated survivors
  • A hidden and dangerous facility hidden deep under the city where the outbreak possibly began
  • Underwater city/ruins
  • Submersible
  • More weapons and Player tech
  • Expanded wire and pipes system for fluids
  • Weather with rain, and wind and volcanic eruptions
  • Thermal power, elemental power based on wind or lighting
  • New enemy types
  • Shadow Realm

We hope this sheds some light on the future plans for Darkout and rest assured we will reveal a lot more about the developments in coming months.

Thank you to everyone who supported the beta and to everyone who are buying the game, without you we would not be able to continue working on Darkout and improving it for a long time to come!





  1. Kal says



  2. Marco says

    Are you planning to use a decent graphic engine? It’s not moving, unless you don’t have a very high end machine…
    Too bad I can’t play this!

    • darkout says

      We’re still optimizing, when multilayer is in things should run a lot smoother as we are moving a lot to engine code out of the scripting files

  3. Ackman says

    i bought the game before out from indiegogo, Can I get an steam key when it’s available on steam? or i must pay again to get the game on steam?

    sorry my english, i am spanish


    • darkout says


      you do not have to buy the game on Steam again if you contributed on Indiegogo :)

  4. Ackman says

    ok, thanks

  5. WillyWanka says

    Are we ever going to be able to customize our controls?

    • darkout says

      Yes, we’re working on it :)

  6. Paroxysm says

    Hi, are u planning to add:
    1) Other RP gathering methods ? like killing(stronger enemy – more RP), creating(not only first time, like 50 RP for first time and 10 for other times, depends on difficulty of created item), looting(1 RP for 1 item). Now it’s boring cos force me to dig dig and dig or build stupid mud towers to the sky.
    2) rotation for objects, cos i can’t set doors open to the right and other things like chair.
    3) option to set how many items create, like Fuel Tank, cos creating 100(4+4+4+4+4+…) Buckets are incredibly boring and i can’t be afk in that time,

    P.S. sorry for my bad english

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