1st Contest: The Darkout Experience

1st Contest: The Darkout Experience

Hi Darkouters,
now that we are released, and after seeing some of the awesome screenshots you came up with over last few weeks, we decided to start a two week long competition to see how creative, skilled and good observers you are in the Darkout world.


What is it about?
It is about capturing Darkout’s experience, the beauty of light and dark contrast, the colours, fear of the shadows, mystic smoke, charming crystals, upto the complex constructions made by our game’s randomly generated nature or by your own hands… everything can fit in a screenshot! and also will be really cool to have a brief description where you explain how you got there, the difficulties you went through until you made that structure, etc.

Why we do this?
Because we want to show the world how beautiful and unique this game can be and also how awesome YOU, our beloved Darkout community members, are :)

What you will get?

  • The three most voted screenshots will receive a Darkout soundtrack, courtesy of our brilliant musician and composer .
  • For the winner: We will contact him/her and ask him for an email of the friend he wants us to send the free copy to, and a custom message for the person. So we will send a free Darkout copy to the person he tells us, along with his winning screenshot and the dedication message.
  • For all the participants: All of you will get your pic featured on our Facebook page and Twitter account, visible along with your names/nicknames and a link you can provide us with.

For more details check out the forums: http://www.darkoutgame.net/index.php?threads/basic-rules-1st-contest-to-preserve-the-darkout-experience.710/

Team Darkout!


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