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Seeking 3D Artist… Is that you?

Seeking 3D Artist… Is that you?

Yep, we are looking for a new 3D artist to join our team. Our previous artist had to step down due to medical reasons and we now need someone to fill his shoes.

Before you apply read below:

Passion and Dedication!

The Darkout team is very passionate about the project and we put everything we can into this, which means we expect the same from you. We work long and hard after our regular job hours, during weekends, and those of us who have no other job live and breathe the project.

You need to love what you do, be critical of your own work and be there for the team as they will be for you.


  • You must be able to create quality Characters, technical models, plants, and anything else we could throw at you.
  • Use 3D Studio Max and Photoshop (Z-Brush is a bonus)
  • UV map and Texture your models (paint character textures in Photoshop & Use procedural ones where it will save time for rendered items)
  • Willing to learn how to export to dxt format
  • Setup rigs for your characters
  • Ability to put together rendered scenes for future backdrops also a plus

What you get

  • The satisfactions of helping the project evolve further and contributing to the amazing graphics already in the game.
  • Compensation will be negotiated based on skill level and availability (There is a probation period)
  • Published game title to your name (or another, depending on your experience) opening up many doors in the industry

If you think you can be a constructive and beneficial member of our team and making games is your passion then contact us via [email protected] with your contact details and a link to your portfolio.

Team Darkout


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