And in the News today… MP, whats happening?

And in the News today… MP, whats happening?

Hmm, should I give some news about, what about… m… m what? Oh yeah! MP, Multiplayer…?

No, they’ll just get all exited, and expect stuff! Who? They! Them! Those… those you know, people, ‘out there’, their, lurking in the shadows… waiting for me to show my head… no! Well, maybe a quick update, very quick!

Happy Aprils…. is it the 1st of April already! Think I was stuck in the shadow realm… how… how’d I get out?!

*looks at notes…*

I must share… discovery… been, traveling so long to get back to my base. I thought the world I was on was Small… but as I travelled, searching for signs of other survivors, my supplies and energy slowly dwindling, I realized, this world, can’t even be mid-size… but must be Large??

I kept track in my log as I went, mapping out my surroundings, leaving waypoints, markings so I could find my way back. I tried to keep track of the days, but the small glimmer of dusk goes by so quickly, that sometimes I just slept through it without noticing, it’s so dark… and for so long there seemed no end in sight on this Gigantic world, which I feared… had taken me too far away from my base to ever see it again. If only I had brought more beacons… but I was too far away to ping one in hopes of establishing a link, no hope of even teleporting back, even If I could find the materials to make another one.

It was by pure simple chance I came upon another crashed pod, and found what looked like the remains of a small camp nearby. Inside I found a beacon, one, and it still worked! Placing it I travelled a few more days, determined to discover the ocean once more, to know how massive this world really was. It was indeed, Massive!


Hey guys! Happy Easter, April 1st etc. :)

It’s been a while since we’ve released a patch, and we know you are all patiently waiting for the testers to finish breaking the game so we can release a patch to you. We’re very close to that point, so just hang in there, we promise we fixed quite a few bugs and the new research system and HUD layout will leave you with a fresh feeling and hopefully bug free experience once it is out.

Back to the reason for this post. We know that the one thing everyone is eagerly waiting for is Multiplayer, and though it is still going to be 2 months or so before we release it, we have been making good progress. A lot of code has been written since launch and the whole of world generation has been ported over to the new server based system which we will be using to run MP games.

Below you will see 5 map sizes, the first 3 are your normal SP game map sizes we have now, Small, medium, Large. Below those you will see the Gigantic and Massive maps, which should leave plenty of places to explore and gather resources with friends :)

5% of original scale images![IMG]
Download original files here!

When it come to the amount of people who can connect… well that will be mostly determined by the server PC’s specs. The more CPU and Ram available, the more players it can handle. That kind of testing will happen down the road as we get closer to releasing MP, BUT, anywhere from 16-100 players is a very safe region of scalability this early on, but it could even be up to much, much higher than that if all goes well. We’re cleaning up the code during our rewrites for the server implementation, and so MP should even help make the game way, way more stable.

Anyway let me get back to working on the game, Easter or not, work work work!

*checks his lamps power supply*

I don’t know when I’ll be back my friends, I heard some disturbing things while exploring which I must investigate, something has stirred the creatures out there into an unusual frenzy, something is coming… I can feel it!

If… when I make it back, I will tell you all about it.

Dark, Out!


  1. guest86 says

    Please make game lighter on graphic compare to starbound or terraria. Need have graphic setting like very low, low, med, and high. Must have different light setting – basic light (very fast speed for older computer), normal, and high (for new computer with more faster processor speed, more RAM, more Video RAM). Please do it.

    I think this game can run on old Pentium 4 @ 1.5 GHz, 512 MB RAM, and Nvidia FX 5100 with 256 MB and above.

    I can get in Darkout game and menu is working on my 12 years older computer run on Pentium 4 @ 1.6 Ghz, 1 GB RAM @ 133 MHz, and Nvidia FX 5600 256 MB. ! But nothing to do like to create username or world. There is some problem in Menu setting like can’t create username and world. Please make this game lighter to make working on older computer running Pentium 4.

    If you make this game to work on for older computer and many people will be very happy to able to play Darkout without problems. I will love to hear news from you! :-)

    • darkout says

      We’re working on the performance issues, a lot of it is due to the Torque engine we are using but when multilayer comes out the game should be tweaked quite a bit and hopefully performance won’t be such an issue then.

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