On why Darkout deserves your vote on Greenlight.

On why Darkout deserves your vote on Greenlight.


first of all, we want to tell you about the great news this week! it turns out that Darkout is now available as part of !

After two and half months of hard work, the Allgraf development team has managed to put the final touches to the game and improve important aspects such as:

·      An  improved research system. Now much more intuitive, its operation is more related to the exploration and gives more freedom.

·      New graphical interface, cleaner and more consistent with the esthetic of the rest of the game.

·      A complete  where you can see (and contribute) all your questions about the game, with multi-language support and the support of Curse.com (ES, RU, FR and soon available in German).

·      In-game tutorial. If you want to, the game could guide you through an option you can activate, explaining how to progress in your adventure (available on next Wednesday, April 24th update).

·      First implementation of the game’s story through relics that are hidden in the environment, and also contain recipes which unlock new items in the game (available on next Wednesday, April 24th update).

As  you may have read, the development model of Darkout is based on the addition of playable based content that is already available in 7 online shops. But what’s better than to play yourself for a minimum of 1,5 Euros? And during this week of April 22-28, you can get your copy of Darkout in the website .

During this time of development and improvement of Darkout, we are taking into account all the feedback from the community, implementing suggestions and including content generated by players in the game itself. So, if you like our work, we ask for your support on to develop all the potential Darkout has. Below there is an infographic with information about the game and our current statistics, which shows the standstill in votes we have suffered from Valve’s platform:

We appreciate your help in getting more visibility to Darkout, whether in a news article, interview, gameplay video, or just sharing this press release in social networks. I am at your disposal in this e-mail: [email protected].


Jesús Fabre. Darkout Community Manager and PR.

English translation by: .

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