From Greenlight to Steam?

From Greenlight to Steam?

Hey Darkout fans!

We know you are all patiently, and some not so patiently, waiting for the next update since we were Greenlit.

First off we want to thank everyone who helped us achieve Greenlit status, we truly are still dazed by the news and have been working our asses of to polish the game that is already there, as well as add more content.

The team is hard at work on updating/refining the Single Player game, and also creating the Multiplayer version, but as with anything that needs to be done right, it takes time. So what’s its current status and what still needs doing you may wonder?

• We have the server going
• All word generation code has been recoded, stronger, faster.
• New server side and Client side PhysX system and predictions are in place
• Male character is 80% complete, just one suit to go.
• New database system for handling Items, crafting etc. completed (Mucho faster!)
(We’ve all connected to a single game and had a run through the woods…)

Pending Ports and additions
• Change over remaining player movement code
• Implement new enemy AI from SP to MP (we redid all enemy AI!)
• Crafting System
• New Light Dark Mechanic (we refined it!)
• Building / mining player code (More refinements as well!)
• ETC!

Now as you can see there are still a few things left to do, and we have been struggling with what to focus on whilst not wanting to detract from the Single Player version everyone has right now and still wants more content for.

The other burning question we have been asked so far is what our intended Steam release date is. We are aiming to release Darkout: Stage 1, in December. The list of content planned for the stages after will be released along with the game.

Stage 1 will also contain the Alpha version of Multiplayer, which you will be able to play with your Single Player Character, however not all of the SP functionality will be entirely stable/in quite yet. You will however be able to venture forth with a few friends and have fun, yet still be able to enjoy the stable and refined SP version.

More announcements about the content being implemented, and videos showing some MP action and SP features will be released during the time leading up to our December release on Steam.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask us on the forums over at where we are most happy to answer any burning questions you may have to the best of our abilities.

And again, Thanks to everyone for your support!

Team Darkout

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