Dev Chatter Oct 21st 2013

Dev Chatter Oct 21st 2013

I have had a few requests now for more frequent updates on what we are working on, and before I can find myself 2 weeks (months?) have passed and I realize, hell we need to update everyone a bit on progress!

Let’s see… what’s been happening Dev side…

Had a very good discussion about the future story implementation with Brian our ‘Lore Master’ today. We’ve mainly been discussing the history of Illuna, as well as some aspects of the story that need to be implemented by the time we hit Steam.

We’re not making an RPG or Adventure/solving puzzles click game, but we do want the story to be more… relevant :)

We are busy working on the player firing while moving backwards. Animations are in, just tweaking the movement now for aiming backwards, shooting already works.

Elevator functionality is being implemented, now just needs some better art, see CODER ART below, lol. We also need to finish the rails that need to go on back walls for it to function.

Anyway that’s it for today!

Expect some more mini updates every few days (I will do my very best I promise!)

Go to the Forums to check out the comments or to add to them :)

Dark, out.

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