Dev Chatter Oct 24th 2013

Dev Chatter Oct 24th 2013

Hey everyone!

So let’s see what have we been doing today…

We have been working on simplifying some things in the HUD as of late, and it’s coming along nicely I think. We have kept most the same layout, so it’s won’t be completely alien to those who are familiar with the current system. However we did want to ‘de clutter’ it since that was one of the main complaints.

Should be able to show some screenshots next week when all the art ad implementation is done. One neat change is the sliders instead having to type in number values for crafting. This makes it pretty easy to craft 1 or maximum. We also changed the way the Descriptions work, and yes they now include things like weapon damage, lights brightness and range values etc. :)

The other bit we just implemented is walking and firing weapons while walking backwards :) Oh you can also jump backwards while firing. This is all in an effort to bring some more arcade like movement and action to the gameplay. We’ll be tweaking how the jetpack works next…

Check out this short vid showing off the movement. We’ll have Stream sessions in future showing off all the features mentioned in Dev Chatter’s


That’s it for now!



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