Dev Chatter: Male Suit 5! + more

Dev Chatter: Male Suit 5! + more

As you may have gathered from the title, Male suit 5 is now complete! :)

It’s taken a while but finally we have the male up to where the female suits are. We are putting the finishing touches on the variations of each one, Tier 2-3, and we are adding some extra color to the Jumpsuit selections at the beginning of the game.

Obviously the plan is to have a fully functional character skin/hair/suit color picker going by the time Multiplayer is completed, but for the alpha version you can at least pick your initial starting suit color out of a few options. Little preview of the colors below! :)

We also modified the pistol animation a bit now that it needs to work for more than just the female model, it was also a bit too hunchback looking…

Right that’s it for today’s update, stay tuned for more later in the week ad feel free to


Dark, Out

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