Dev Chatter November 14th

Dev Chatter November 14th

Hey everyone!

It’s getting crazy over here with all the things still left to do before our launch in December. Crazy times!

OK so lets see what can I share…

We have some new music files just for the boss, and one for the relic gate events which we are working on. For those who don’t know, or have not see them hinted at in the game VERY infrequently placed, the Relic Gates are a left over mystery object from the ancient civilization that populated the planet way before the last settlers were wiped off the planet by the shadow creatures.

In our brief game story / guide we are implementing we are going to use them for an ‘event’ or 2 that you get to kill quite a few enemies in order to get some unique gear only available by clearing these gates of ‘evil’. Or do you? :)

It’s quite a big bit to still be implementing a this stage, but hey! why not? crazy times!

oh, and we are in the works to get some of the story logs recorded so we can have some accompanying audio to some of them :)

anyway I’ll do another short update this weekend, sorry for taking so long to do this one! choice little teaser image below :)


Dark, Out

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