Darkout Universe History Excerpt

Your last memories are rushed, frantic; fear sets your heart pumping, adrenaline courses through your veins, slowing the movement of time enough that you see the corridor bright and then dark as the lights flicker on, then off.

  • Behind you, something cripples the structure and screams go from piercing to instantly quiet as dozens of lives end. They are truly insignificant in the numbers that have already fallen, but some of them you knew, and the pain of this fills you with unexpected vigor as you push and shove your way forward and enter a large spherical room.

    Men in white suits scan your PWD and direct you to a prep station where you are quickly disrobed, washed and injected with all manner of things.

    Through it all they keep saying its safe, but the hammering of something menacing echoes along the thick walls of the base suggesting otherwise.

    They tell you that the next time you open your eyes you will be near Old Earth, and you will be able to warn them about what happened on Illuna, even if no one has told you exactly what that is. It was all such a rush, such hurry.

    You find your spot in a stasis chamber and it closes with a whish of cool air swirling in from above and below.

    It’s cold.

    You reach out and touch the tinted glass, as a thick plate moves into place and blocks out the light.

    Light in... Dark out...

Light in, again. Only this time, the stasis chamber is shaking, alarms are shouting, the plate moves away and for a moment there are only the stars and space.

No explanation what has happened or how long it’s been since you were last awake. The stasis pod spins, and the scenery of stars is replaced by something else.

Thick, black clouds are omnipresent; no sign of what lies beneath, and down you go.

You slip from consciousness, your stasis pod tumbling back to the hell humanity tried to escape.

Light in.


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